Port Shiploader Remediation Work

Port Shiploader Remediation Work

June 22, 17


Wave International is a consulting firm specialising in the delivery of Engineering, Asset Management and Project Delivery across Australia and overseas,


The clients port operation experienced a structure failure that created considerable damage to the wharf structure. The damage was directly under the Shiploader and as a result the equipment was stranded, inoperable thus halted operations.

  • Setting up an exclusion zone for the damaged area
  • Contractual documentation assigning the area over to Wave
  • Implementing a Safety Management Plan
  • Establishing a Safe Work Statement for the execution of the works
  • Performing site investigations into the failure
  • Executing a Failure Cause Analysis with site personnel
  • Establishing the equipment weight true weight
  • Detailing equipment relocation plan
  • Performing design calculation on the solution
  • QA on all fabricated lifting equipment
  • Job Safety Analysis Execution on the relocation
  • Assigning the site back to the client
  • All associated reporting requirements


Wave executed this work to with the clients complete satisfaction.

Port Shiploader Remediation Work